Conrad Esch

Conrad Esch

BSOE Computer Engineering Graduate Student

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I began my first year of graduate studies in the fall of 2018 at the University of California Santa Cruz. I also did my undergrad at UCSC which made the transition to graduate studies simple. This further allowed me to take several graduate classes as an undergrad which will then count for my masters.

My masters thesis will involve emebedding flexible sensors in a soft robotic gripper (finger). This gripper is contructed in such a way that air bladders along the spine of the finger actuate the gripper and allow it to come in contact with and apply pressure objects. The goal is to easily sense the poisition of the finger as well as the pressure applied to an object and air pressure in the bladders. Previous attempts at this research have resulted in a sensor system that has interdependancies between the pressure and position sensors that fluctuate wildly with temperature.

Relevant Papers to further Research for my Thesis