SkyhookDM: Data Processing in Ceph with Programmable Storage

My schedule at Vault/FAST/NSDI 2020

Looking forward to meeting friends and colleagues this week. Here is my schedule.

Scaling databases and file APIs with programmable Ceph object storage

SkyhookDM: Programmable Storage for Datasets

Towards Physical Design Management in Storage Systems

In the post-Moore era, systems and devices with new architectures will arrive at a rapid rate with significant impacts on the software stack. Applications will not be able to fully benefit from new architectures unless they can delegate adapting to …

MBWU: Benefit Quantification for Data Access Function Offloading

The storage industry is considering new kinds of storage de- vices that support data access function offloading, i.e. the ability to perform data access functions on the storage device itself as opposed to performing it on a separate compute system …

MBWU (MibeeWu): Quantifying benefits of offloading data management to storage devices

Skyhook: Programmable storage for databases

Ceph is an open source distributed storage system that is object-based and massively scalable. Ceph provides developers with the capability to create data interfaces that can take advantage of local CPU and memory on the storage nodes (Ceph Object …

Should Storage Devices Stay Dumb or Become Smart?

Cudele: An API and Framework for Programmable Consistency and Durability in a Global Namespace

HPC and data center scale application developers are abandoning POSIX IO because file system metadata synchronization and serialization overheads of providing strong consistency and durability are too costly -- and often unnecessary -- for their …