Tintenfisch: File System Namespace Schemas and Generators

The file system metadata service is the scalability bottleneck for many of today’s workloads. Common approaches for attacking this “metadata scaling wall” include: caching inodes on clients and servers, caching parent inodes for path traversal, and …

Cudele: An API and Framework for Programmable Consistency and Durability in a Global Namespace

HPC and data center scale application developers are abandoning POSIX IO because file system metadata synchronization and serialization overheads of providing strong consistency and durability are too costly -- and often unnecessary -- for their …

Tintenfisch: File System Namespace Schemas and Generators

Metadata-Rich File Systems

Making file systems queryable.

Mantle: A Programmable Metadata Load Balancer for the Ceph File System

Migrating resources is a useful tool for balancing load in a distributed system, but it is difficult to determine when to move resources, where to move resources, and how much of them to move. We look at resource migration for file system metadata …

Exploring Resource Migration using the CephFS Metadata cluster

QMDS: a file system metadata management service supporting a graph data model-based query language

File system metadata management has become a bottleneck for many data-intensive applications that rely on high-performance file systems. Part of the bottleneck is due to the limitations of an almost 50-year-old interface standard with metadata …

QMDS: A File System Metadata Management Service Supporting a Graph Data Model-based Query Language

QMDS: A File System Metadata Service Supporting a Graph Data Model-Based Query Language

Haceph: Scalable Metadata Management for Hadoop using Ceph