Eusocial Storage Devices - Offloading Data Management to Storage Devices that Can Act Collectively

As storage devices get faster, data management tasks rob the host of CPU cycles and DDR bandwidth. In this article, we examine a new interface to storage devices that can leverage existing and new CPU and DRAM resources to take over data management …

Erasure Coding & Read/Write Separation in Flash Storage

We want to create a scalable flash storage system that provides read/write separation and uses erasure coding to provide reliability without the storage cost of replication. Flash on Rails [19] is a system for enabling consistent performance in flash …

Flash on Rails: Consistent Flash Performance through Redundancy

Modern applications and virtualization require fast and predictable storage. Hard-drives have low and unpredictable performance, while keeping everything in DRAM is still prohibitively expensive or unnecessary in many cases. Solid-state drives offer …

High Performance & Low Latency in Solid-State Drives Through Redundancy

Solid-state drives are becoming increasingly popular in enterprise storage systems, playing the role of large caches and permanent storage. Although SSDs provide faster random access than hard-drives, their performance under read/write workloads is …

Latency Minimization in SSD Clusters for Free

Ianus: Guaranteeing High Performance in Solid-State Drives

High Performance & Low Latency in Solid-State Drives Through Redundancy

RAID4S: Adding SSDs to RAID Arrays

RAID4S: Adding SSDs to RAID Arrays