Scale-out Edge Storage Systems with Embedded Storage Nodes to Get Better Availability and Cost-Efficiency At the Same Time

In the resource-rich environment of data centers most failures can quickly failover to redundant resources. In contrast, failure in edge infrastructures with limited resources might require maintenance personnel to drive to the location in order to …

MBWU: Benefit Quantification for Data Access Function Offloading

The storage industry is considering new kinds of storage de- vices that support data access function offloading, i.e. the ability to perform data access functions on the storage device itself as opposed to performing it on a separate compute system …

MBWU (MibeeWu): Quantifying benefits of offloading data management to storage devices

Should Storage Devices Stay Dumb or Become Smart?

Eusocial Storage Devices

Eusocial Storage Devices

Making storage devices act collectively.