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Dr. Carlos Maltzahn is the founder and director of the UC Santa Cruz Center for Research in Open Source Software (CROSS). Dr. Maltzahn also co-founded the Systems Research Lab, known for its cutting-edge work on big data storage & processing, scalable data management, and distributed system performance management. Carlos joined UC Santa Cruz in 2004, after five years at Netapp working on network-intermediaries and storage systems. In 2005 he co-founded and became a key mentor on Sage Weil’s Ceph project. In 2008 Carlos became a member of the computer science faculty at UC Santa Cruz and has graduated six Ph.D. students since. Carlos graduated with a M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Colorado at Boulder.

His work is funded by government and industry, including NSF CSR, NSF CSR, DOE SSIO, NSF SSI, and CROSS.

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Adjunct Professor

Co-Founder & Director

Founder & Director

Co-Founder & Director

Lead PI

Project Scientist:

  1. BulletJeff LeFevre

Current Ph.D. Students:

  1. BulletXiaowei Chu

  2. BulletIvo Jimenez

  3. BulletJianshen Liu

  4. BulletReihaneh Mahani

  5. BulletReza NasiriGerdeh

Graduated Ph.D. Students:

  1. BulletAlexander Ames (2011)

  2. BulletJoe Buck (2014)

  3. BulletAdam Crume (2015)

  4. BulletLatchesar Ionkov (2018)

  5. BulletMichael Sevilla (2018)

  6. BulletAndrew Shewmaker (2016)

  7. BulletDimitrios Skourtis (2014)

  8. BulletNoah M. Watkins (2018)


Baskin Engineering 2,

Room 369 (directions)

Hours: Thursdays, 3-5pm

Phone: +1 (831) 459-1627

Email: carlosm at

Public key: 1430E52A


Computer Science Dept.

University of California


1156 High Street

Santa Cruz, CA 95064

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