I.T. Consolidation at UCSC

I have recently taken the position of Director of Core Technologies in the Information Technology Services (ITS) Division of UCSC.  In this position I oversee the networking, systems administration, operations, I.T. security, and telecommunications units for the campus.  One goal of mine in taking this position is to expand the role of I.T. on campus from that of a purely support organization that is funded by revenues generated by the activities of faculty, to a combined support and R&D organization that partners with faculty to find resources to deliver needed I.T. services.  Possible sources of such funding include infrastructure grants from funding agencies such as NSF, as well as gifts from private industry.  A recent article in the journal Campus Technology titled Shifting Paradigm in Higher Ed IT Orgs: Partners in the Academic Enterprise describes how this is a recent trend in Higher Ed I.T. organizations.  A concrete example cited in the article is Purdue's Collaborative Research and Engagement area within their I.T. organization whose mission is:
I will be working to begin a dialog on campus to explore the potential of establishing a similar collaboration between I.T. and the academic mission at UCSC.