Bernardo A. Gonzalez T.

Bernardo A. Gonzalez Torres
MSc student, Computer Science Department
University of California Santa Cruz

Contact information:
Office: Machine Learning and Intelligence Lab (Engineering 2, Room 489)
E-mail: beaugonz [at] ucsc [dot] edu
Advisor: Prof. Yang Liu


I am currently on the job market

Welcome! I am a MSc student in Computer Science at UCSC. Prior to joining UCSC, I completed my first Master's in Computer Science at the Network and Data Science Laboratory at the Computer Research Center of the National Polytechnic Institute , Mexico. My research interests lie in the intersection of Unsupervised Learning (and applications), Optimization, and Statistical Learning Theory. I have experience working with SVMs, Clustering algorithms, Robust Loss functions and Distributed Optimization algorithms.


"Clustering Improves the Goemans-Williamson Approximation for the Max-Cut Problem"
  Angel E. Rodriguez Fernandez, Bernardo A. Gonzalez Torres, Ricardo Menchaca Mendez, Peter F. Stadler
Computation, August 2020

"An algorithmic Introduction to Clustering"
  Bernardo A. Gonzalez Torres
arXiv preprint: 2006.04916, June 2020

"Data reduction for Machine Learning algorithms"
  Bernardo A. Gonzalez Torres, Ricardo Menchaca
Master's Thesis , 2016
[pdf] (In Spanish)


Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Intern, Summer 2017 & 2018

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