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Jack Baskin School of Engineering



Professor of Computer Science

B.S., Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D., Computer Science, Stanford University
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Papers by Allen Van Gelder

ProofChecker documentation and code

purse-poster.pdf SAT 2005 and 2007 Competition Scoring Rules       and some 2005 results

Various software and other files from the ftp server, you pick 'em:

2cl_simp, Satisfiability simplifier for DIMACS format CNF formulas:

modoc, Satisfiability solver for DIMACS format CNF formulas:

solvecolor, Graph coloring solver (exact) based on encoding into SAT:

mkcnf, Random CNF formula generator for DIMACS format (92160 bytes):

evroot, Program to find positive root of certain polynomials that arise in the analysis of branching algorithms, especially SAT:

outerroot.c, C code to find outer root of a cubic polynomial (15360 bytes):

Scivi, Various scientific visualization software, mostly 1990s: