About Me

I am a first year computer science PhD student at UCSC working in the storage systems research center (SSRC). My research interests lie in security, systems, and kernel development. Currently I am working on deniable/steganographic file systems.


My current research project is the Artifice Steganographic File System. Which hides data in the free list of an existing file system utilizing pseudorandom entropy sources for obfuscation and erasure coding/secret sharing for redundancy and repairability. Currently I am implementing a proof of concept for the initial design.


Here are two of my hardware projects based on the raspberry pi

Apple ][ pi Commodore 64 emulator machine

Since these postings, iterations have been made on the keyboard firmware for both devices, and a DB-9 to USB converter was built to allow for the use of a period correct Commodore mouse. Some tweaking and repair was also done on the monitor to improve the picture.

Mygithub pageis generally a good place to see current programming projects.


Graduate Student Researcher

Research into steganographic file systems.

Intern, Datastax

Information security intern. Worked on config automation, OS hardening, and key management utilities.

Undergraduate Researcher, UCSC SSRC

Worked on research into deniable file systems and how they pertain to log structured file system technology.

Intern, Tidalscale

Software engineering summer internship, Ubuntu certification, python admin utilities for software defined servers.

Intern, Immediate Insight

Installation, capacity, and operational testing of an IT data analytics product.

My full resume is HERE


BS Computer Science, UCSC, 2017

Homestead High School


My interests outside of school include Dungeons and Dragons, backpacking, analog electronics, vintage computers, and automobiles.