Alison Tang

Graduate Student at UC Santa Cruz


I am a scientist in training. UC Berkeley is my alma mater, where I studied genetics in the molecular and cell biology department as well as some computer science. I hope to continue to learn and apply and develop computational approaches for solving biological problems. My interests include precision genomics, mRNA splicing, complex inheritance, and gene regulation.

The Present

I'm a second year graduate student at UC Santa Cruz studying bioinformatics. I am a student in Angela Brooks' lab working on a project using nanopore sequencing to investigate the mutated SF3B1-altered transcriptome in chronic lymphocytic leukemia, which has led to the development of FLAIR. I have also been working on analyzing RNA isoforms in nanopore native RNA data.

The Past

Research projects I participated in

Epigenetic inheritance

With Dr. Dario Boffelli, I worked on investigating patterns of epigenetic inheritance by comparing NGS sequencing of isogenic mice with and without their genomes repatterned with ethanol.

Fly Evolution

With Dr. Russell Corbett-Detig in Rasmus Nielsen's research group, I worked on identifying chromosomal inversions in D. melanogaster genomes by clustering them based on similarity measures near inversion breakpoints. I also worked on developing statistical methods for identifying loci experiencing selection between chromosomal inversions in populations.

LncRNAs and Reprogramming

In my previous rotation with Dr. Daniel Kim, I investigated the relationship between transposable element content (location in transcript, transposon type, associated clade) and lncRNAs activated during reprogramming in mouse and human cell lines.