Alex Pearson

Graduate Student at UC Santa Cruz

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About Me

My full name is Alexander Manjit Pearson (but I go by Alex for short), and I am currently a first year graduate student in the Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department at UC Santa Cruz. I enjoy spending time problem solving (usually Math, CS, or Stats related), teaching (I am currently a TA for Math 11A:Calculus with Applications), and playing chess (although these days I usually only have time for blitz games).

In December 2017 I graduated from The University of California, Berkeley with a double major in statistics and applied mathematics. I completed my honors thesis in statistics under Prof. Rasmus Nielsen (The write up of my thesis is on my LinkedIn).

I have taken courses in data structures, machine learning, convex optimization, linear algebra, numerical analysis, real analysis, and probability theory. I hope to one day use my education to work on projects that blend mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

If you have similar interests and want to meet up feel free to email me. My email address is

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Past Teaching

In high school I gave group and individual chess lessons to local elementary school children, in undergrad I was a TA for CS 70: Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory, and during the Spring of 2018 I was a substitute teacher for the Kern High School District. Below are a couple testimonials I have received about my teaching (from course evaluations).

Thank you for breaking down probability concepts to their basic level for me during HW Parties and your office hours!! Your explanations help me understand the basics so I can build up and understand more complicated concepts! Student, UC Berkeley, CS 70

You explain things very well, thanks for being one of the best TAs I’ve ever had! Student, UC Berkeley, CS 70

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Current Teaching

This quarter (Fall 2018) I am a TA for Math 11A: Calculus with Applications. Below are links to

all of my discussion materials for Math 11A (i.e. worksheets, syllabus, and grade sheet)

  • 10/12 Went through the discussion syllabus and this worksheet. We also reiviewed
    • Definition of a Sequence
    • Definition of a Limit of a Sequence
  • 10/19 Went through this discussion worksheet and reviewed
    • Domain of a Function
    • Exponential Functions
    • Geometric Series
    • Limit of a Sequence
  • 10/26 Went through this discussion worksheet and reviewed
    • Squeeze Theorem
    • Definition of Continuity
    • Properties of Continuous Functions
    • Intermediate Value Theorem
    • Definition of a Derivative
  • 11/2 Went through this discussion worksheet and reviewed
    • Product Rule
    • Quotient Rule
    • Trigonometric Identities
  • 11/9 (Discussion converted to office hours due to the midterm)
  • 11/16 (Coming soon)
  • 11/30 (Coming soon)
  • 12/7 (Coming soon)

If you are one of my students and are having any problems academic or otherwise feel free to contact me at

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