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The Tripod Fish

The Tripod Fish (Bathypterois grallator) is my girlfriend's favorite type of fish. It has long fins which it uses to "walk" across the sea floor. Tripod fish are hermaphroditic. Tripod Fish is also a Yu-Gi-Oh card, which has the Water element.

This is an image of a tripod fish patrolling the sea floor where it makes its home. It menaces with extremely long fins.
This is an image of the Yu-Gi-Oh card "Tripod Fish". It has far too many fins.


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True Facts About Hedgehogs

The hedgehog is Nature's most important animal. This is because hedhogs are immortal. Hedgehogs are also immoral. Unfortunately, scientists have never been able to breed hedgehogs in captivity. Hedgehogs have also proven unable to breed scientists in captivity. The current relationship between scientists and hedgehogs can best be described as a stalemate.

Here are some more facts about hedgehogs, in the form of a YouTube video:

You would like to learn more facts about hedgehogs!!!

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