Scenic Views from National Parks along the NorthWest Coast

These pictures are mostly from Olympic National Park and Crater Lake.

California sights

Calm Creek at Stout Grove
A calm, clear creek near Stout Grove in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

Oregon sights

Wizard Island-Crater Lake view from Rim Village.
View of Crater Lake and Wizard Island from Rim Village

Marmot at Crater Lake
First sighting of a Marmot, along Discovery point trail, Crater Lake

Washington sights

North Side Mount St. Helens
Mount Saint Helens at a distance, north-east access

Olympic National Park

Olympus in the distance
Possibly Mount Olympus from Ranger Station near Deer Park

Ancient Grove Interpretive Walk
Scene from Ancient Grove Interpretive Walk near Sol Duc

Sol Duc Falls
Sol Duc Falls

Bulge in Tree
Interesting Tree in Ancient Grove on the way to Sol Duc Falls

Crescent Lake
Crescent Lake boating launch point

Views of Puget Sound from Pike's Market in Seattle, WA

Puget Sound from Pikes Market-1

Puget Sound from Pikes Market-2

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