Quantum Electronic Group Members
James Christofferson
James Christofferson recieved his BS in physics from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 1995. James returned to UCSC after 3 years working for IBM, Applied Materials and Cadence. James will receive his MS in Computer Engineering in Winter 2001 and will start as a PhD student in Electrical Engineering in Fall 2001. Currently, James is researching high-resolution thermal imaging of integrated circuits. Other interests include analog/digital/RF circuit design, imaging technology, and anything that involves experimental work.
Email: Jchrist@soe.ucsc.edu
Daryoosh Vashaee

Daryoosh Vashaee received his BS in Electrical Engineering (Electronics) from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran in 1993 and his MS in Electrical Engineering (Communications) from Amirkabir University of Technology in 1995. After three years of experience working on RF Engineering, Daryoosh joined Arizona State University and worked on electronic transport in semiconductors. He went to UCSB in 1999 and worked on the fabrication/processing of InGaAs/InGaAsP based micro-coolers. He returned to UCSC in 2000, and his current work is focused on quantum transport theory, experimental characterization of Heterostructure Thermionic/ Thermoelecric Coolers, theoretical study/modeling of superlattice micro-coolers, and Molecular Beam Epitaxy.
Email: Daryoosh@soe.ucsc.edu

Bian Zhixi
Bian Zhixi recieved his BSin Electronics from Nankai University in 1993. Bian later received his Masters from the Electronics department of Beijing University in 1996. He then worked for three years as an instructor in the Physics department of Beijing University. Bian spent two quarters at Gatech before coming to UCSC for his PhD studies. His main interests are in Semiconductor Devices and Thin Films Electronics. Bian's current project at UCSC is on internally cooled semiconductor laser structures and opto- thermo- electronic devices.
Email: zxbian@soe.ucsc.edu
Yan Zhang
Rajeev Singh
Yan Zhang recieved her BS in Electronics Materials from Shanghai University in 1997. She worked for Siemens Limited China for two years and then later recieved her M.Sc degree from the National University of Singapore. Yan came to the University of California Santa Cruz in May 2001 when she then joined the Quantum Electronics group. She has been mainly working on the fabrication and characterization of semiconductor microcoolers. Her new research intrest deals with semiconductor nanowire properties and potential applications in optoelectronics.
Email: yzhang@soe.ucsc.edu
Rajeev Singh received his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Cruz in June of 2001. After gradutation, he began employment as Dr. Shakouri's research assistant, working on the cryogenic electrical characterization of HIT microcoolers and on molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). He is anticipating attending graduate school at UC Santa Cruz beginning in Spring 2002 with an emphasis on thin-film device growth using MBE.
Email: rajeev_singh13@yahoo.com

Contact Numbers
Research Lab: 831-459-4997
QEG office:      831-459-1292

Tam Nguyen

Tam Nguyen is a Senior Undergraduate transfer student from Fresno City College. He is persuing his BS degree in Electrical Engineering and would like to continue his education (MS and possible PhD) in the areas of optical devices. Tam is hoping to gain industry experience before or during his MS work. He is a UC LEADS scholar currently working on multi mode interference (MMI) devices and fiber optic tapering. He is also involved in setting up an undergraduate teaching Optics Lab for BELS. Tam's will be graduating with his BS in June 2002.
Email: tnguyen@cats.ucsc.edu