Undergraduate Experience

April transfered to UCSC Winter 2009 from Mission College in Santa Clara. With most of her general education requirements fulfilled, her task was to focus on CS. She arrived at UCSC knowing the bare minimum of C and Visual Basic, and immediately began a crash cource in Java and Data Structures at the same time. The learning curve only got rougher!

Luckily, with the help of awesome professors, April was able to thrive as a game design undergradute. April honed her skills in general CS, graphics programming, and team leadership. In her final year as an undergraduate, April was team lead for Pattern, a crochet game, and participated in research for the projects SpyFeet and GrailGM.

In the summer after graduating, April helped TA the 2011 COSMOS program at UCSC for gifted high school students aiming to get ahead in scientific fields of study. April assisted Gillian Smith and Heather Logas in instructing students in game design, and enabled the students to go from mostly no programming experience to a completed game in Processing over a 4-week period.

"Next week is the Bloody Reckoning! ...But not really that bad." ~Michael Mateas