Abhishek Alfred Singh

abasingh [at] ucsc [dot] edu
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I am a first year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the Baskin School of Engineering. My research areas are distributed systems, intelligent agents and computer networks. I would like to study ideas in these fields and work on building collaborative models of distributed computations.


Distributed Systems · Artificial Intelligence · Network Protocols · Data Management

I am interested studying distributed intelligent agents and models where such agents can collaborate and function. My research is a three pronged study of distributed systems, artificial intelligence and communication protocols.



NorCal DB Day and UCSC Data Science Day 2019
Global edge data management, Abhishek Alfred Singh, Natasha Mittal, Holly Casaletto, Faisal Nawab. The poster was presented at NorCalDB Day 2019 and at UCSC Data Science Day 2019 [Link]


As part of the coursework for Fall 2018's CMPS 290S, I wrote two blog posts on the distributed operation transformation paper by Ellis and Gibbs looking at the problem of Collaborative text editing.
Links to blog posts: [ Post 1] [Post 2]


Short papers
HPTS - 2019: WedgeDB: transaction processing for edge databases [Link]