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Software Collections

  • The FPG suite which includes snpSumPed and TrioTests and related scripts.
  • sibshipawk My awk and shell scripts to identify feasible sibling groups.
  • The nfcone collection which includes nfcone and coalit.
  • SPIP Simulating pedigrees in populations.


  • ECA_Opt A small library (one source file, one header file) for simplifying command line processing and option documentation.

DokuWiki Related

  • A shell script for making tables of thumbnail links to pdf images in your Dokuwiki documents.

Pedigree Drawing With Dot

Stuff I am still putting together

  • ms2geno A C program for converting ms output into genotype files for use with gsi_sim etc.
  • Some spip Utilities
  • GSI_SIM A program for assessing expected accuracy of genetic stock identification given a genetic baseline sample.
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